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16 yo



Adoption Fee: $200


15 yo, Skewbald Mare, 15 hh. Dana is a very intelligent, flashy little mare. Like most rescue animals, she can be slow to trust, and is generally averse to loud noises or sudden movement. That being said, she got quite far with some Parelli training with a previous foster and is a favorite amongst several of our volunteers. Dana does well in a herd, but actually seems to prefer a more solitary lifestyle. She has been lightly ridden, and is definitely more whoa than go, but will need an experienced rider due to her sensitivity. Dana is sound, but is not the most conformationally-gifted horse. Due to her heavy body-type and slender legs, Dana will only be able to do walking and light trotting under saddle with a smaller (150 lbs or less) rider. Dana is currently located at our Rockville Rehab Barn.


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