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Interested in being a foster home?

Fostering a horse in need is a wonderful experience to both the horse and the foster family.  It's a stepping stone of healing and training that gives a horse the one-on-one attention they need and have a second chance at a better future!  USERL believes that the horses brought into the program receive more individualized care at a foster facility, allowing them to progress through the rehabilitation process with fewer complications. You can never replace the one on one attention provided by a wonderful foster family! This also keeps overhead costs down, giving the horses the bulk of donation funds rather than maintaining property and facilities. It is a community network to assist horses in your area that need help.


What Related foster expenses does USERL cover?

Veterinary care is the most expensive and an unknown with any horses (injury, illness).  Therefore, USERL covers all veterinary expenses while the foster covers feed and hay.  Farrier costs can be covered by USERL if needed as well.  Expenses incurred caring for the fostered horse (feed, hay, farrier, equipment) are tax deductible as a donation to USERL, a federal registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What are USERL's foster requirements?

Foster farms must be adequate and safe for equine.  No barbed wire allowed for fencing and horses must have access to shelter if needed from inclement weather (can be a stable/barn or run-in shed.  Run-in sheds should have sufficient walls to protect from wind/precipitation).  Veterinarian and farrier references are required on the application.  If you have not had horses for some time and do not have a current equine vet, you may use your small animal veterinarian for the reference.

How does the foster process work?

Potential foster homes first need to fill out a foster application. A USERL volunteer will contact them to discuss fostering. After this initial interview, USERL will schedule a facility check and call vet/farrier references. Once the foster home is approved, USERL will match the foster with a suitable horse(s) for their equine experience level.   


I am interested in fostering, what should I do now?

Please fill out the form below and your area Foster Coordinator will be in touch with you to begin the approval process.  You should follow up in a week, if you have not received a response, with a phone call or email to make sure your inquiry has been received.

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