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Lazarus is a sweet gelding but due to suspensory issues, he is not rideable.  

Lazarus (Laz)

Lazarus was born into this world as Leestown Hero in 2008, a grandson of none other

than Seattle Slew. He had 12 starts in his racing career with 2 wins and 1 second

place, earning his owners just over $37,000 before being discarded by them when he

was no longer producing and his suspensory ligaments started to break down. Because

of this, Laz can no longer be ridden, but would make a wonderful companion horse for


Lazarus is an absolute sweetheart, although he is still learning what personal space is.

He will come, back, and step over on command. When you walk into his stall, he backs

to let you inside. Laz walks on a lead rope well.

Because of his time as a race horse, he is a cribber. Many racers are so often kept in a

stall for long periods of time, so they get bored and develop the behavior of cribbing and

sucking air. We have tried a cribbing collar on him, but he still cribs. He cribs on his

stall walls, window, and door. Outside when he is not eating grass or hay he often cribs

on the wooden fence posts and metal gates.

Laz is a sweet horse and has a nice temperament. He is easy to handle.Laz stands good for the farrier, vet (shots), and grooming (including sheathcleaning).

We are feeding him ProElite Senior and adding Purina Outlast Gastric Support Horse

Supplement to his meals for his stomach because of his cribbing.

Do you have room in your heart and home to give this amazing horse the loving, forever

home he so deserve.

Companion Horse only

Fee $200

Located in the VARD region, Richmond area.



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