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Volunteers are in integral part of the USERL. It is volunteers that run the organization.  They come from many backgrounds and experiences, but all share a desire to help the forgotten horses. Duties range from office work to horse training. There is a job for everyone at USERL!

USERL believes there is room for anyone interested in volunteering their time, whether a few hours a year or many hours a week. From grooming horses, fundraising or in a leadership role, we want volunteers to feel welcome and to work in their area of interest. If you want to expand your duties with USERL you are encouraged to make your voice heard. We have many leadership roles available for the right individuals. If you feel you are one of these individuals we want you to be comfortable in discussing your role within USERL with your Regional Director or the Executive Director. The directors, even the Executive Director, are always just a phone call away. Even though you may not have ever met or spoken to a Director you are always welcome to contact them. 


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with USERL, please send an email inquiry with your name, address and contact information.

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